Australia’s Best Bathroom

Total Facilities advocates wellbeing through the washroom as nominations open for the 2017 Australia’s Best Bathroom Facility competition.

As user experience becomes more important, a growing number of companies are taking the time to create a positive bathroom environment. Research by Harris Poll suggests that 3 out of 4 customers said they would never return to a restaurant with a dirty washroom and in a separate survey by Bradley Corp. 83% of workers believe the condition of the workplace washroom is an indicator of how a company values its employees.

Now in its third year, Total Facilities is advocating washroom wellbeing through our Australia’s Best Bathroom Facility competition. The award said was established to encourage awareness and pride amongst Australia’s facilities and workplace management professionals and nominations are now open to managers of both public and private bathroom facilities.

The 2016 Australia’s Best Bathroom Facility award was won by Maroondah City Council for their Changing Places Bathroom Facility at Ringwood Lake. Jack Mulholland who submitted the entry on behalf of Maroondah City Council was overwhelmed by the response from winning the title:

“We have had article in The Age, WA Today and Local Leader newspapers along with two interviews with our Mayor on ABC Radio.  The media exposure for Ringwood Lake and the Changing Places toilet has resulted in further interest from other councils and increased public awareness of the importance of these types of facilities. It was fantastic for our Council to be the recipient of the award and we sincerely thank Total Facilities for making this award available.”

If you believe your bathroom goes above and beyond in the design or cleanliness stakes then it’s worthy of consideration. Australia’s Best Bathroom Facility competition is a great way to bring some recognition to your company and its facilities. The winner will be crowned before Total Facilities takes place in March at the new International Convention Centre Sydney.

Entries for Australia’s Best Bathroom Facility have now closed and the winners will be announced shortly. We have been overwhelmed with the entries this year and look forward to crowning the 2017 winner soon!

Bathrooms in public and private buildings, facilities and workplaces within Australia are eligible. To enter your bathroom, you must be able to provide descriptive and photographic evidence of the bathroom facility at your building, facilities or workplace.

Entries are accepted via the Total Facilities website only. Entries are open until Wednesday 01 March and nominated bathrooms will be judged by a panel based on eligibility, style, comments and cooperation with the process.

Finalists will be notified within two weeks of entries closing and the winner will be notified by Wednesday 15 March. The winner will be publicly announced via the Total Facilities website and shared via social media. The winner will be awarded the coveted title of ‘Australia’s Best Bathroom Facility 2017’.